Italy : Fascist Salvini WILL Stand Trial For Anti-Migrant Actions

An Italian judge has ordered that Fascist Leader Matteo Salvini, formerly in Government as part of a coalition, must stand trial on charges of kidnapping over his decision to prevent more than 100 migrants from landing in the country in 2019.

Salvini served as Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and Minister of the Interior from 2018 to 2019 as part of the failed 'Lega Nord - 5 Star' Coalition. Ministers cannot be tried for actions taken while in office unless their parliamentary immunity is revoked by the Senate. 

Salvini had been trying to use his political position to avoid prosecution, but Italy's Senate voted voted 149 to 141 to strip Salvini of his immunity back in December 2020. 

Background : Prosecutors in Palermo accused Salvini, head of the anti-immigrant League "Lega Nord" party, of having abused his powers in August 2019 when he was still Interior Minister, using his power to prevent more than 80 migrants from disembarking from the Open Arms Charity Ship, which had rescued the migrants in the Mediterranean.

The ship was stranded for almost 3 weeks and received permission to land only after prosecutors ordered the disembarkation of the migrants.