Patriotic Alternative - Neo Nazis Melia and Towler Arrested, Released For Now

More news of legal problems for Neo Nazi group Patriotic Alternative as their Yorkshire Regional Organiser Sam Melia and his wife Deputy Leader Laura Towler were arrested and held for five hours regarding racial hate speech, harassment, and public order offences. The incident occurred on Wednesday.

Both were released without charges (yet) but have had their phones and computers seized and not returned.

The incidents were in connection with their support of Fascist Jim Lewthwaite, the former BNP official, now of the ‘British Democratic Party’, who is running for a seat on Bradford City Council.

Lewthwaite, unwanted in Bradford
but seems he didn't get the memo.
Melia and Towler had earlier spent the day in Bradford with other PA goons leafleting on Lewthwaite’s behalf, and local reports state that residents of migrant backgrounds were targeted with racial abuse and threats by the group.

Melia was formerly part of the Terrorist group National Action, as well as being connected to the Neo Fascist group Generation Identity (being investigated by Interpol and German Terrorism Agencies). At the same time he was a member of Far Right extremist group ‘For Britain’, and a founder of racist sticker activists ‘Hundred Handers’, who use explicit Nazi language promoting ethnic cleansing.  

He’s a keen ‘joiner’, is Melia.

Melia’s wife Laura Towler, aka Tyree, is a self-confessed (and proud) White Nationalist / White Supremacist and Conspiracy Theorist who advocates for forced repatriation of ‘non Anglo-Saxons’ and the banning of all inter-racial marriage. 

Lewthwaite, formerly with Nick Griffin's Nazi BNP, previously stood as a candidate in Bradford East gaining 0.5% of the vote share. A real triumph. He's standing again due to what he calls 'popular demand'. Lewthwaite also advocates for forced repatriation, or as he calls it, 'Reverse Immigration'.