Tories Appoint Far Right Sympathiser as Extremism Chief

Just astonishing.

Boris Johnson's new Counter-Extremism Chief is tied to pro-Trump US hate groups including a white nationalist antisemitic lobby. Experts find it 'mind boggling'.

Robin Simcox is a former Margaret Thatcher Fellow at the Heritage Foundation – a right-wing think-tank in Washington D.C. which had close ties to the Trump administration.

A special investigation by Byline Times can exclusively reveal that Simcox spoke in 2019 at a notorious American anti-immigrant hate group, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), which has regularly circulated anti-Semitic, white nationalist materials over a 10-year period – including articles by noted Holocaust deniers and eugenicists.

The CIS has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the leading civil rights law firm that tracks extremist groups in America.

Mark Potok, SPLC Senior Leader for 20 years and now a Senior Fellow at the Center for the Analysis of the Radical Right ...

It is mind-boggling that the UK Government would appoint a man to head its Commission for Countering Extremism who interacts with hardline, anti-immigrant organisations and apparently promotes completely discredited claims about the supposed infiltration of Muslim institutions by radical Islamists.

It is impossible to see how Robin Simcox could offer the Government any kind of balanced, impartial information or strategic policy ideas.
A Home Office spokesperson did not dispute Byline Times’ investigation, but did not disassociate the department from the far-right ideologies shared by Simcox’s affiliations.