Anti-Science, Anti-Vax Idiots 'Seig Heils' at Election Count, Glasgow

Anti-Science / Anti-Vax Fascists from the 'Liberal Party' (not remotely connected with the former actual Liberal Party of the Liberal Democrats) throw Seig Heil salutes at a Glasgow Vote Count, wearing Yellow Stars of David reminiscent of those worn forcibly by Jews in Nazi Germany.

The candidate and his supporting thugs were escorted out of the hall by police after racially abusing the SNP's Humza Yousaf.

The Liberal Party contradictingly said both that the candidate, Derek Jackson 'had a history of such stunts' and also that 'this was not picked up in vetting'. 

An ‘emergency statement’ from the Liberal Party on the Glasgow Southside candidate stated ...
The Liberal Party notes with considerable concern the behaviour of its former candidate, Derek Jackson, at the election count for the Glasgow Southside Scottish Parliament seat and does not in any way endorse his actions.
Mr Jackson’s membership has been suspended with immediate effect.
The Liberal Party is sorry for any offence Mr Jackson may have caused to any member of the public or to the other candidates. Mr Jackson, who has acted entirely independently in adopting certain symbols and gestures has massively misrepresented The Liberal Party and its core values.
The Liberal Party vehemently and actively opposes any form of anti-Semitism or racism or the use of any symbols which evoke or promote any such sentiments. The Liberal Party stands for a society that is open, tolerant and equal for all individuals and communities, whatever their heritage faith or gender.