'Ein Volk, Ein Reich' - Kids Forced To Attend Nationalist Rally To Support 'Union'

The event, in Bradford, was compulsory. The week involves pupils dressing up in 'red, white and blue' and singing an 'anthem' called “One Britain One Dream”, which ends with the repeating lines “Strong Britain Great Nation”.

With civic nationalism on the rise in Scotland and Wales, and increasing support for a United Ireland in the long term, this looks suspiciously like 'Indoctrination for the Union'. As the marketeers say, 'Get'em while they're young.

90 years ago, kids in Germany were indoctrinated like this. As for the school singing, most people will know that schoolchildren and Nazi Youth were taught all the words to 'Horst-Wessel-Lied' and punished for forgetting, or not singing with enough enthusiasm.

One wonders how long before school uniforms are swapped for tan coloured shirts, prefects given red armbands, and kids taught to salute and genuflect before a painting of 'Our Great Leader Johnson'.