Report on Islamophobia Within Tories Is A Whitewash, Say Tories.

A long-awaited review into Islamophobia within the Conservatives has been condemned as a whitewash by Muslim Tories. The furthest the report went was to describe the language used by Boris Johnson and the London Mayoral Campaign run by Zac Goldsmith as 'insensitivity'.

But the 'Enquiry' has found 'no evidence of Institutionalised Racism within the Party'.

Baroness Warsi, Tory peer, disagrees : Warsi said that the party’s “processes, attitudes and behaviour” were at fault "from its leadership to its grassroots".

The report concludes that from the top – from the prime minister at one level – to local associations at the bottom, there is an attitude issue and a problem and a behaviour issue in terms of Islamophobia.

So on each of those counts it satisfies the definition of Institutional Racism ... if it looks like Institutional Racism, feels like Institutional Racism, fits the definition of Institutional Racism, then I’m afraid it is Institutional Racism.

Sajjad Karim, a Tory MEP for 12 years, said the report had "failed to identify endemic party prejudice aimed at Muslims".

The manner in which this inquiry has been conducted means it is nothing but an attempt to whitewash deep-rooted issues out of sight.

It is difficult to identify any basis upon which this has been a serious attempt to address credible and serious matters or deliver on Boris Johnson’s leadership election pledge.

If anything it acts as an illustration of an attitude inclined to view Islamophobia as an irritant best pushed to one side, when not being utilised in promoting culture wars, rather than as a serious, systemic issue which needs to be rooted out.

Johnson's remarks about muslims sparked a rise in Hate Crime, and Goldsmith's Campaign was described as 'the most Islamophobic Campaign in British History' - by his own party colleagues.

When Johnson's comments about Muslims are written off as 'giving the impression of being insensitive', they're talking about Racist Hate Speech.

Call it what is.