Batley & Spen - The Extremists Come Out To Play

(L-R: Hirst / Muchewicz, Waters, Franssen, Galloway, Farage, Stevenson)

Tis written that in a mid-term by-election, those with hateful views will seek to gain a piece of the spotlight. Such is the case for the upcoming Batley & Spen affair.

Thérèse Hirst is the 'English Democrats' Candidate. To put her into context, the Neo-Nazi group Patriotic Alliance have been asked (either her or her party, unknown) to campaign and street-walk on her behalf, and they're quite keen. They're very keen indeed. To put her into further context, she hates migrants. Really, really detests them. Every one of them. She is, of course, a Polish migrant, the original name being Thérèse Muchewicz. Who knew.

Another candidate is Anne-Marie Waters of 'For Britain', kicked out of Ukip for her extremism (yes, really) who was so successful in her last outing, in Lewisham, where she got 266 votes. Waters also hates migrants with a fury, especially muslim ones. She is - of course she is! - another migrant, from the Republic of Ireland. She advocates genocide, ethnic cleansing or sterilization for all followers of Islam, to reduce their birthrates.

And of course, the worst candidate of all is convicted criminal and documented Racist Franssen, ex EDL, formerly co-leader then leader of 'Britain First', the cry shouted by Jo Cox's killer. We trust the voters of Batley & Spen will give her the welcome she deserves in full. 

George Galloway is also running, as he does, which is always good for a comedy element. He's running because, well, it's basically his hobby these days.

Farage's Reform Party has chosen not to stand a candidate because he wants to give the Tory Candidate the best possible chance. Talking of which ...

... their boy is Ryan Stephenson, campaigning on a platform of 'More Police' for a Party which has cut police numbers, budgets & resources since 2010. Another non-entity in a suit who will f*ck over his constituency for party loyalty & position.