Italy : Police Bust 'Aryan Roman Order' Neo Nazi Group -

Italian Police have completely busted the fast-growing ARO Neo Nazi Group.

The group was very active on social media, where it spread racist messages and conspiracy theories, based on neo-Nazi and neo-fascist views. The main theme of its propaganda was anti-Semitism, with brutal images, and additional enemies included migrants and LGBT people.

The members were also on WhatsApp as The Judenfreie Liga (“The free-of-Jews League”.)

The police operation was conducted by the Carabinieri Force, with the coordination of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rome, as part of an investigation that began in 2019 sparked by releases of information from Italian AntiFa groups.

The arrested includes one confirmed police officer, although some sources state that four more are under investigation from the 15,000 contributors to the social media channels. It is also stated from other sources that the ARO group through these officers, had access to detailed, private information about their targets.

In addition, some members are also being investigated for planning murders of known Jews of Rome', and of 'random migrants', the latter seen as the 'Initiation' into the higher echelons of the group. Several were also planning a terrorist attack, described as a possible 'bomb attack on a NATO facility'.

Ironically, one of the factors that made the round-up so easy was that, concerned about infiltration by anti-Fascists, new joiners were instructed to upload selfies and copies of documentation to prove who they were.