Neo-Nazi Dymock GUILTY Of Twelve Terrorism Offences, Awaits Sentence

Neo Nazi Andrew Dymock has been found GUILTY of 12 offences under the Terrorism Acts.

He was convicted at the Old Bailey today, with sentencing on 24 June.

During the trial he came up with the craziest, most unhinged 'defence' arguments ever heard in a British Court.

Nobody fell for it.

Jurors were told he was "not being prosecuted for holding racist, anti-Semitic or homophobic beliefs, or adherence to a neo-Nazi creed..."

Prosecutor Jocelyn Ledward said :

He is facing prosecution for his encouragement of terrorist activity, of violence, as a means to shape society in accordance with his beliefs.

We must also point out, kudos well deserved here, as the initial arrest and Anti-Terrorism case against Dymock and others came *directly* as a result of a BBC Investigation, by Daniel Sandford @BBCDanielS and Daniel De Simone @DdesimoneDaniel.

The original piece - from 2018 - is here.