Germany : Neo Nazi Paedophiles In The Police Force : 19 Officers Sacked

As Night Follows Day, a German Investigation into Paedophilia uncovers 100s of Neo Nazis ... 19 of whom are serving Police Officers and Special Forces.

All sacked, and many more to follow.

The Right and Paedophilia,. Every time.

Every time.

The Guardian reports that German prosecutors have dismissed 19 police officers in a commando unit and suspended another over claims they glorified violence and made references to a former Nazi organisation in online chats, a spokesperson said on Wednesday.

And this is just in one region.

Investigators in the western state of Hesse found out about the 20 suspects in the course of a separate investigation of an officer in the same commando unit, known as SEK, who was suspected of sharing child pornography.

Frankfurt Senior Public Prosecutor Nadja Niesen said ...

During an evaluation of the suspect’s mobile phones, several chat groups where criminal content was shared by members were identified.