Investigation Into Euro 2020 Racist Social Media Posts - Update

Regarding the post Euro 2020 Final Racist Abuse to England players:

In the aftermath of this event our scraping scripts and scans (the process was explained at the time) scraped several thousand racist posts on various social media platforms.

In addition, as per our request, several hundred were also contributed to our email address.

We collated a total of 8000 such posts. In addition, we collated another 2000 posts aimed at F1 driver Lewis Hamilton the next week, for a working sample of 10,000 posts.

We have collated and analysed about 65%, and have the following totals:

  • Posts Collated: 10000
  • Posts Analysed: 6634
  • Posts Deemed Actionable: 4733 (so far)
  • Posts Origins Identified: 687 (so far) of which:
    • UK Based: 94%
  • Posts Action Taken: 398 (so far) of which:
    • Action Taken (Police): 92.
    • Action Taken (Employers): 306.

We continue to track and identify both account holders and employers, and pass details to both the latter and the police (if deemed necessary.)

A Sample Subset is linked to here for download, for your examination. This is SSE001. We intend to post larger subsets numerically incremented, as we progress. A README is attached within the archive file, please read before progressing. Thank you.

Download SSE001 Sample Subset here.

Our sincere thanks to those who contributed to make this happen.

If you wish to do so, our contribution link is here.

Thank you.


Of the 92 cases referred to police, we have not heard officially back from any of them, with the exception of 3 cases where we were advised that police action was already in place due to police being aware of the issues via other means, before we informed them. Although full credit to 3 specific police forces who have each assigned a specific liaison officer for this matter, for these reports and future ones.