Australia - Far-Right Terrorism Investigations Jump By 750% In Just 18 Months

Two years ago, nationalist and racist violent extremism barely accounted for two per cent of the Australian Federal Police's counter-terrorism caseload.

Now it’s the country’s fastest-growing threat.

The threat of nationalist and racist violent extremism is escalating rapidly, according to Australia's domestic security and investigative services.

In the past 18 months, the Australian Federal Police’s Joint Counter Terrorism Team's (JCTT) caseload covering the area has risen by 750 per cent

And in an interview with SBS News, AFP Assistant Commissioner Scott Lee from the Counter Terrorism and Special Investigations Command said he only expected the threat to continue to climb.

There was certainly an increase in the JCTT’s nationalist and racist violent extremism caseload from 2019 and into early 2020 … We expect it to increase further than what we are seeing at the moment, but how much further it will increase is difficult to ascertain at the moment.
[Via SBS Australia]