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This site is run by a team of volunteers as a News Service for those interested in challenging the Hatred, Racism, Misogyny, Homophobia, Islamophobia, Lies, Corruption and Financial Fraud we see from Far Right groups and parties across Britain and Europe.

Our core goal is to identify Hate Speech Accounts on Social Media, report them using the best method, and see them suspended. In 2016, we accounted solely for 247 suspended accounts, along with another 100 or so in joint reporting with others.

In 2017 we accounted for 719. And in 2018 we took our 1200th scalp.

[Update October 2019 - We just broke 1800]
[Update May 2020 - We just broke 2500]
[Update April 2021 - We just broke 3200]

We give our time, and our money, to maintain this site, to attend and organise events, and to teach effective Social Media to Faith Groups, Charities and local Community Organisations.

If you should wish to show some appreciation for our work, we'd love you to donate a small amount to help us.

Any donations will be used purely for maintenance, hosting and licensing costs of this site and our Social Media accounts, along with transport to events and involvement in activities with other allied groups.

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