Who Are We?

We are a very diverse group of British Antiracist and Antifascist activists.

We are male and female, straight and not, and we are young and old, with some of us having been involved in the fight against the Far Right since the days of the National Front.

We are mainly spread geographically across the United Kingdom, and we have contributors from mainland Europe as well.

We are members or supporters of various Political Parties, including among them The Labour Party, The Green Party, Plaid Cymru and the Scottish National Party, and some European Parties, although many of us neither support nor are members of any Party at all.

We are neither funded by, nor linked to, any Political Party, Trades Unions or other Political or Campaigning Organisation.

We fight against all elements of the British Far Right Wing, including the English Defence League, British National Party, Britain First, National Action, PegidaUK, Ukip, Generation Identity, Football Lads Alliance, and For Britain Party, plus various European Far-Right Political Parties and Groups.

Our purpose is to expose the Violence, Racism, Misogyny, Homophobia, Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, Lies, Corruption and Fraud at the very heart of these organisations and their multiple splits and offshoots.

We will not allow hatred of race, faith, ethnicity, colour, gender or sexual preference to become socially acceptable.

The British Far Right have a documented history of, and a tendency to, violence, retribution, creation of false allegations and pressure on employers against those who's political views differ from theirs.

Many of us in the past have been specifically targeted in this manner and thus we remain, for the most part, anonymous, with the exception of our founder and lead moderator, @jdpoc.